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Winter is Coming

Are you feeling blue? Are you asking yourself "why am I so sad" lately?

This is the shift in the seasons and you're not alone! Let's explore into the psychology of seasons and uncover how they sway our emotional well-being.

Winter Blues and Beyond: Navigating the Emotional Landscape

As days grow shorter and the air colder, the notorious Winter Blues can take hold. Around 6% of the population experiences the initial stage of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) in fall, with approximately 14% facing milder variations of winter-induced depression. But fear not – fresh air and exercise are your allies. So, bundle up and embrace the unique offerings of the season.

In the spiritual realm, winter is a time of rest and reflection. Just as nature takes a break from growth, so should we welcome the opportunity to recharge. Use this time to set intentions, journal, and plan for the bountiful spring that follows.

Spring: The Season of Renewal… and Contradictions

Spring, the season of renewal, boasts a 36% approval rating among Americans. As the weather warms, we naturally become more active, enjoying the outdoors and soaking up mood-boosting benefits. However, statistics reveal a dark side – spring and summer consistently witness the highest suicide rates. It's a reminder to reach out for help if needed.

In our spiritual spring, we plant the ideas that emerged during winter, witnessing the early stages of blossoms and warmth as our ideas begin to bloom. Trusting the universe becomes easier in this season of growth and connection.

Sizzling Summer: Fun in the Sun or Melting into Melancholy?

Summer, the peak season for outdoor adventures, might seem like a dream. Yet, scorching temperatures can cast a shadow on your emotional well-being. Heat waves can trigger aggression, depression, and lethargy. If you're caught in a summer heat wave, seek the cool refuge of air-conditioned spaces and postpone major life decisions until the mercury drops.

Summer spiritually combines work and play. While we diligently work, breaks are essential to prevent overheating. It's a time to reap the rewards planted during our spiritual spring and eliminate distractions. A well-managed spiritual summer can bring abundance.

Fall Foliage and Feelings: Nostalgia or SAD?

For those enchanted by the vibrant hues of fall foliage, autumn is a season of nostalgia and memories. However, for a small 6% of the population, fall marks the onset of the Winter Blues. Combat the autumn blues by immersing yourself in the crisp air, fiery leaves, and the unique offerings of the season.

In nature, fall is a time for things to fall away, signaling change. Similarly, spiritual fall prompts us to let go of elements in our lives. It's a season to build trust in the universe by releasing what no longer serves us.

Balancing Mental Health Year-Round

Whether dancing with the daffodils of spring or cozying up to the winter fireplace, caring for your mental health is a year-round affair. Stay active, embrace outdoor activities, and seek help if needed – after all, self-care never goes out of season!

Join me on December 21st to celebrate the Winter Solstice to close out the year and celebrate 2023 in ceremony on Zoom.

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