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Meet Jassy


Jassy has a Masters Degree in Psychology and her passion for empowering people, sharing her knowledge and creating a better human experience for the greater good has inspired her to create this space for healing, discovery and connecting with your higher self.


With a Masters of Science in Psychology and over 15 years as a leader she has honed in on her purpose to empower others shine a light on their existing path.


Jassy is NOT a licensed psychologist. She completed her Masters Degree and graduated cum lade, however, in order to be a therapist one must obtain a license. Her experience and Master's Degree gives her the ability to share the methodologies that are required in the field and have been tried and tested for successes.


If you or someone you know is seeking professional mental help please contact a licensed therapist. This service is specifically designed for self-starters, those that are ready to heal, new entrepreneurs transitioning out of the workforce, or those seeking alternative energy renewal.


I imagine a world where people are not in constant pain and anxiety, where they are able to live in the present moment without guilt or worry and my dream is to demonstrate and teach the tools that can activate a fulfilled and peaceful life filled with joy.

My hope is to enhance the human experience by introducing alternative sources of energy healing, divination, and healing instruments that are conducive to reaching our higher selves.

I created Crysta Luna to leverage the essential methods to empower you to reach a true understanding of the self and to act according to one's true will. By leveraging the right tools you have the power to align your free will and destiny.



​I believe that... 

  • Love Overcomes Virtually Everything

  • We are all connected

  • Being happy is your birthright

  • Luna shines a light on our path

Luna means that...

  • Listening is the most profound act of human respect

  • So powerful is the light of Unity that it can illuminate the whole earth

  • The light of me sees the light in you, Namaste

  • Authenticity is living a life that is true to who you are


Her approach to healing herself from fibromyalgia for over 25 years, depression, anxiety, and various other physical ailments was with an understanding that not ONE thing was going to cure her, it was going to be an inside job with the support and empowerment of several different practioners such as chiropractor, reiki master, acupuncturist, curandera, and various other methods. She understands that not everyone is built the same or has the same pain she experienced and uses all of her knowledge and methods to guide her clients towards returning back to a healthy version of themselves. 

Jassy has had a strong acuity for divination, collecting crystals for healing and has practiced card reading since she was 12 years old.


Jassy's purpose and mission in life is to empower others find their passion and provide a different perspective which will lead to living their most authentic life.

Jassy Jackson empowers individuals to realign with who they truly are by leveraging her Masters in Organizational Psychology, her extensive experience as an executive leader in tech and her years as a reiki practitioner.


Her holistic teaching approach brings together a healthy mix of shamanic rituals, traditional psychology, and her training as a curandera to cater to each individual’s needs while creating a safe space for transformation, healing and creation of new pathways in their human experience.


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