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What many are saying... 

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 I am so full of joy from the Reiki Master attunement yesterday!  Thank you for making it such a beautiful experience in so many ways.  Your office is so peaceful and spiritual and the attunement room took my breath away with its beauty!

  And, your explanations and instructions made the 1st and 2nd Degree attunements understandable.  Plus, all the support material for me to use in the attunements.

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Working with Jassy was such a blessing! Her opening prayer made me feel so grounded and protected. This feeling of safety allowed me to open up and receive on a much deeper level. I approached this session thinking I knew what I needed, but the Universe and Jassy had something for me that was far beyond what I expected. Thank you Jassy, for your beautiful gifts and light you bring into this world! ::air hugs::

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