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What is a Cacao Ceremony

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Cacao ceremony is often a communal gathering with a sacred circle, singing or music and, ceremonial cacao. This practice has recently become a part of my daily morning ritual, because it creates space for meditation, gratitude, connection with my ancestors and mindfulness. The strongest effects of cacao usually occurs within a group ceremony, however, making it part of my daily practice is life changing. There is a palpable difference when creating a sacred intentional space for drinking cacao versus simply making it and drinking it without intention.

"Enjoying ceremonial cacao can help you connect with your heart and be a gentle guide through transformational consciousness shifts."

Ceremonial grade cacao is very different from the simple cacao powder we can buy at the local store. Ceremonial cacao allows us to go deeper into meditation, the doses are important to take note of. To preserve the integrity and wholeness of the experience, cacao paste, which is a whole food that contains cacao butter before it’s separated from the powder. In the 80's and 90's cacao butter was a staple in our home, my grandmother, Yaya, would send for the pure butter from Panama and we would use it to heal whatever needed to be healed.

I am eternally grateful for the earths abundance in providing sustenance and all that we need.

What is needed:

  • Ceremonial Cacao

    • In block form: Cacao Laboratory or in non-block form: Fly Kakao

      • Either of the above will work because they are both ceremonial grade

  • A blender or molnillo/whisk

  • Your favorite tea

How to prepare Cacao:

If you are just starting with cacao, start with 28g. It is the meditation dose, which gives us all the benefits of deep meditation. Once you have experience with cacao, slowly move up to 45g which is the ceremonial dose, which allows you to sit for a longer period of time in meditation. If you are pregnant, talk to your doctor about the appropriate doses.

When working with a block of cacao, set an intention when chopping it by singing, voicing the intention, or in any other way that gives gratitude, respect and honor to this plant.

If you bought the powder from Fly Kakao it is ready to go and no chopping is required.

  1. Blend all ingredients in a blender safe for hot liquids, for a smooth & frothy drink!

  2. If you don't have a blender that is safe for hot liquids, you can use a whisk/molnillo. Please note that our product is at its best & creamiest when a blender is used.

  3. Sit ceremonially and with sacred intention with this cacao. Adjust dose for your own body and needs, as this is powerful medicine and it deserves 90+ minutes of conscious connection.

Want to make cacao without a blender?

Combine all ingredients in a pot on low heat, and let the cacao melt while constantly stirring it (don’t let it boil).

Pour the cacao in a cup that feels special. Optionally, add rose petals on top.

Holding it in front of your heart, I invite you to do a little gratitude and intention ritual.

Traditional Intentional Ritual

Holding the cacao with your eyes closed, say out loud or silently in your head:

  • I give thanks to the heart of the Sky

  • I give thanks to the heart of the Earth

  • I give thanks to the heart of the Fire

  • I give thanks to the heart of the Water

  • I give thanks to everyone who brought this cacao to me/us

  • I give thanks to my own heart for showing up and being open to receiving the messages I’m meant to receive

Open your eyes, sip, play ceremonial music and listen to the messages that come through – write them down in your journal or dance them out.

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