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The 7 Layers of Your Aura

by Jassy Jackson

Have you ever felt someone's "vibe"? That's their aura, an energy field that envelops them. You can even feel your aura by rubbing your hands together and pulling them apart!

Your aura links to your body's seven chakras and comprises seven unique layers. Each layer's size and depth differ based on an individual's life state. A vibrant aura stretches out several feet while a weak one appears faded and short.

Auras are described as an energy field that surrounds every living being. This energy field is said to emanate from the body and can be perceived by certain people or through specific practices. Colors and patterns within the aura are thought to reflect a person's emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.

These aura layers extend from the body, with the first being the nearest and the seventh the furthest. Their vibrational frequency rises from the first to the seventh layer.

Here’s a quick overview of the seven aura layers:

1st Layer: Etheric

  • Lies closest to the body.

  • Reflects our physical body, including muscles, tissues, and bones.

  • Tied to the root chakra and appears as a bluish-grey hue.

  • Visibly noticeable to the human eye.

  • Vibrates 20 times per minute; more vivid in active individuals, and faint in those who are less active or have weakened immunity.

2nd Layer: Emotional

  • Situated one step away from the physical body.

  • Denotes our feelings and emotions.

  • Linked to the sacral chakra; its colors can range across the spectrum but may turn muddy during emotional turmoil.

  • One can determine the chakra's state from this layer.

3rd Layer: Mental

  • Positioned two steps from the physical body.

  • Signifies thoughts, mental processes, and mindset.

  • Connected to the Solar Plexus Chakra, this layer shines a bright yellow.

  • Most pronounced around the head region; vibrant in thinkers or overthinkers.

  • Creative activities might cause colored spark emanations from this layer.

4th Layer: Astral

  • Four steps away from the physical body.

  • Stands for our connections or bonds with others.

  • Associated with the heart chakra and exhibits a pinkish hue.

  • Intensifies through strong, loving relationships but weakens during emotional strains.

  • Chakra states can be discerned from this layer.

5th Layer: Etheric Template - High or abstract mind

  • Located five steps from the body.

  • Acts as the blueprint for our physical existence, holding aspects like personality and identity.

  • Connected to the throat chakra; its hue varies.

  • Becomes more vibrant when one speaks their truth and understands themselves.

6th Layer: Celestial - Buddhic or intuitive plane

  • Positioned six steps out.

  • Linked to the third eye chakra, it carries a powerful vibration.

  • Symbolizes our bond to the Divine and fellow beings.

  • Radiates feelings of unity and boundless love with a pearly white glow.

  • Individuals with a strong celestial layer might communicate with the spiritual realm or receive divine messages.

  • Healing for this layer comes through unconditional love.

7th Layer: Ketheric Template - Atmic or Spiritual Plane

  • The outermost layer, stretching 2-3 ft. from the body.

  • Embodies the sensation of universal oneness.

  • Holds the record of one's soul journey and past lives.

  • Connected to the crown chakra, it shimmers gold and vibrates at an incredibly high frequency.

  • A strong layer here suggests a deep connection to the divine and boosts psychic capabilities.

Cleanse and clear your Aura often

Just as one might shower daily, it's said that an aura cleansing can remove negative energies or blockages that may accumulate over time due to stress, negative encounters, or life's challenges. A clean aura is thought to enhance one's overall well-being, allowing for clearer thought processes, increased energy, and a more positive outlook on life.

Many tribes around the globe believe that physical ailments start in the aura, therefore clearing it daily and often is important. We can see many species on earth clearing their aura often, think about the last time your pet or a bird outside your window shook their body off. That is them clearing their aura, cleansing their energy. Humans have the capability to do the same, through dance, cathartic releases, and energy work.

For those who subscribe to this belief, regularly cleansing the aura is akin to energy hygiene, fostering a stronger connection to oneself and the surrounding environment, and allowing for a more harmonious flow of energy.

Having a daily practice to cleanse your aura is a great way to come back to center and be in your own energy while releasing anything that does not belong to you.

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