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Some "Healers" Do More Harm than Good

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

The journey of self-discovery and healing is a deeply personal one, and sometimes, the roads we journey through can lead us to unexpected places and experiences. I set out on this path with bright eyes and an open heart, seeking enlightenment and healing from my first Reiki Master, a seemingly angelic figure with an ethereal presence. But as the days turned to years, the veil began to lift, revealing lessons I'd never expected to learn.

Listen to my story!

An Angelic Introduction

From our first encounter, she radiated an almost divine aura. She had those soul-searching blue eyes and golden locks reminiscent of mythical figures. I felt seen, understood, and cared for. But as with any story that starts with a hint of paradise, there was more beneath the surface.

A Journey Together

Her initial generosity, the complimentary Reiki session, the shared insights, all gave the impression of someone genuinely dedicated to the healing arts. My trust in her grew, so much so that I championed her to friends, family, and anyone who'd listen. My faith was unwavering; after all, she was my guide, my healer, my Reiki Master.

Cracks in the Facade

However, inconsistencies began to appear. The change in her demeanor over time, from kind and understanding to dismissive and condescending, was concerning. An unspoken hierarchy seemed to develop where once there was mutual respect. The once-clear guidance became a perplexing maze. The angelic healer's true face began to peek through.

The Breaking Point

The chilling climax came during a session where she cast blame onto me for her own ailments, with no evidence or basis. The accusation and its implications weighed heavily on my heart, with the painful realization that this person I had revered, trusted, and even loved as a guide was perhaps just as flawed and human as anyone.

Red Flags and Reflections

Through this ordeal, I identified clear warning signs:

  1. Changing Standards and Guidelines: The rules shifted based on her mood.

  2. Exclusion and Lack of Transparency: I was left out without clear reasoning.

  3. Negative or Judgmental Remarks: Her comments began to be ego-driven, rather than focused on healing.

  4. Dismissiveness and Lack of Respect: My experiences and insights were frequently belittled.

  5. Ignoring Intuition: I should've trusted my feelings and instincts earlier.

  6. Blaming the Client: This was the ultimate breach of trust.

  7. Lack of Preparation and Self-care: An essential part of healing that she overlooked.

  8. Inconsistent Experiences: Drastic changes in attitude and energy.

  9. Defensiveness and Lack of Accountability: Shifting blame rather than self-reflection.

A Cautionary Tale

This story isn't shared with the intention of villainizing my former Reiki Master. Instead, it's a reminder of the complexities of the human experience. Even those in the spiritual and healing professions are not exempt from personal struggles and imperfections. As seekers, it's vital to maintain discernment, trust our intuition, and remember that true healing is a journey we undertake ourselves, often with the help of others but ultimately driven by our own spirit and resilience.

Remember: Healers are conduits. True healing power resides within you.

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