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Reiki Recharges Our Inner Battery & Increases our Awareness

Reiki comes from Japan and is a way of using our natural energy for healing. Imagine we all have a battery inside, and sometimes it's low. Reiki is like a charger for that battery. It not only gives us energy but also helps alleviate feelings like stress and sadness. It's like giving your body and mind a "tune-up." Reiki elevates your vibrational frequency, fostering inner harmony. By addressing and removing energies that no longer benefit you, it amplifies your innate Qi or life force.

Benefits of Reiki

Holistic Wellness: While commonly recognized for its capacity to diminish stress, anxiety, pain, and depression, Reiki's holistic advantages span much wider.

Deep Relaxation: The practice invites profound tranquility and peace, helping one disconnect from the chaos of life.

Clearing Blockages: It actively works to remove energy obstructions and tension, rejuvenating the spirit.

Detoxification: Reiki aids in purging the body of toxins, enhancing overall health.

Complementary Healing: Especially beneficial for those undergoing strenuous medical treatments, Reiki can be a soothing companion, bolstering well-being.

Energy Boost: It replenishes the universal life force energy within.

Immunity Strengthening: Regular sessions can fortify the body's natural defense mechanisms.

Pain Alleviation: Reiki has been known to offer relief from persistent pains.

Healing Acceleration: Post-injury or surgery, Reiki can expedite tissue and bone recovery.

Frequency Elevation: It enhances vibrational frequencies across physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual domains.

Intuitive Awakening: An added boon for many is the heightened intuition and third-eye activation.

Preparing for a Reiki Session with Jassy

Setting Intentions: Before arriving tot he location or jumping on the call with Jassy, think upon the intentions you'd like to set. These could range from releasing stress and negativity, manifesting dreams, chakra unblocking, augmenting intuition, or imbibing positivity. Remember, your intentions can be as multifaceted as you are.

Some examples:

  • To release all stress and anxiety (all energy that no longer serves me)

  • To manifest…

  • To unblock my chakras

  • To increase my intuition

  • To bring positive energy and release negative energy

  • All of the above or none of the above (write your own)

Starting the session: The session commences with a heart-to-heart, where Jassy shares her Reiki journey. In this mutual exchange, you're encouraged to share your aspirations from the session.

Grounding: Anchoring oneself is crucial. A grounding meditation sets the stage.

Intention Setting: Together, you and Jassy will solidify the intentions for the session.

The Reiki Process: As you lie face up on the sound bed or massage table for 35-45 minutes, music will be playing while your chakras are being cleansed and cleared, this is where the healing unfolds.

Sound Bath: Concluding the Reiki, Jassy will immerse you in a therapeutic sound bath, sealing the healing process.

Sharing: Post the session, Jassy will share her insights and experiences. You're invited to share yours, creating a circle of shared healing.

Ending the Session: The session wraps up, leaving you rejuvenated and aligned.

In the vast realm of complementary therapies, Reiki holds a special place. While the intricacies of its mechanisms remain a subject of exploration, its undeniable efficacy in promoting relaxation and holistic healing is celebrated worldwide.

Integrate the Experience

It is important to integrate the experience because your energy is now renewed. Going back into routine and doing the things you were doing before the reiki is not conducive to the new version of yourself. It is highly recommended to consider doing the following...

Drink Water: Drink more water than you normally drink

Spend time in Nature: go outside and put your barefeet on the earth, spend time at the beach, read a book in your back yard

Listen to your body: do what feels good. If you want a nap, take one. If you want to go for a walk, go for a walk. If you feel like socializing, go for it. Listen closely and honor yourself.

Immerse yourself in sound: Go for another sound bath, listen to frequency music you normally don't listen to

Journal Your Experience: Set aside quiet moments to jot down how you feel post-session, capturing insights and any emotions that arise.

Meditation: Engage in short meditation sessions to further ground yourself and maintain the calming energy.

Avoid Stimulants: Consider cutting back or avoiding caffeine or alcohol for a few days to maintain the purity of the Reiki energy.

Eat Clean: Opt for light, nourishing foods, and perhaps reduce the intake of processed or fried foods.

Digital Detox: Reduce screen time and disconnect from digital devices for a while to avoid energy interference.

Connect with Others: Talk to someone who understands Reiki or spiritual healing about your experience. Sharing can be therapeutic.

Use Crystals: Consider carrying or placing calming crystals like rose quartz or amethyst near you to prolong the balanced energy.

Deep Breathing Exercises: Incorporate breathing techniques to further help in grounding and centering your energy.

Self-care Rituals: Consider baths with Epsom salts, using essential oils, or lighting candles to keep the environment serene.

Limit Stressful Situations: Try to avoid any high-stress activities or confrontations for a day or two.

Remember, the key is to preserve and nurture the rejuvenated energy state you've attained post-Reiki.

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