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Our Intentions Create Our Reality

By being purposeful about what we create and accomplish we create our very reality. The intentions we set today influence the life we create. A lot of time we live without intention. We haven’t formally articulated what we desire to conceive for our day, our week, or even our life. It's not about making a plan, it's about manifesting the life we want to live.

Manifesting is very simple and it requires high vibrations which in turn requires mindfulness.

  1. Get clear on what you want to manifest

  2. Set the intention

  3. Take action

  4. Trust the process (it is not our job to worry about "how" it's going to happen, trust that it will happen - any shed of doubt the universe no longer understands what you want)

  5. Acknowledge what you have manifested so far, what you currently have, through gratitude practice

  6. Raise your vibrations

  7. Clear any blocks that come up: through reiki, lighting sage, singing bowls etc.

How to Set Intentions

When creating an intention write it in the affirmative!

I am light hearted in the face of stress and change.

Instead of I want to be light and shed stress.

I am mindful of indulgences and comforts in excess

Instead of I want to lose weight

I am compassionate towards others and avoid giving advice

I don't want to be judgmental

I flow with the universe with high vibrations

I want to make more money

Words like “no” and “not” should be avoided because that centers your thoughts on what you don’t want rather than what you you are and what you want to attract.

Thoughts are vibrations and focusing on what you lack may attract more of the same. Intentions work more to pave the energetic pathway to what we want; we still must walk down that path.

Feel the energy of manifesting your intention and show gratitude because the language of the universe is vibration/frequency.

Studies have been done with Olympic athletes using visualization and their muscles reacting as if they were competing in their sport, which shows us the importance of visualization for assisting an intention to materialize.

Gratitude is also key in this and helps it all work better; not only does the practice of gratitude raise our vibrations and shifts our attitude, but without gratitude one tends to fall into a “lack mindset”.

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