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2023 Lions Gate Portal

The Lion’s Gate Portal is an annual celestial event, occurring from July 26th to August 12th, when the sun is in the Leo zodiac, symbolizing strength, courage, and creativity.

This Portal signifies a period of heightened cosmic energy bridging the physical and spiritual realms. This celestial and spiritual passage has origins tracing back to ancient Egyptian times and has been respected and celebrated for millennia as a hallowed period of energizing positivity.

The 8-8 Lions Gate Portal is identified by the potent combination of the number 8-8, the Sun's residence in the Leo zodiac sign, and the ascension of the star Sirius on the horizon. Sirius is commonly linked with the expansive traits of Jupiter, imbuing an energetic drive for action and achievement, thereby offering a window of opportunity for manifestation and active co-creation with the natural energy to attract blessings into your life.

As Sirius ascends in the night sky, Orion's Belt aligns directly with the Great Pyramid of Giza, and from our vantage point on Earth, it seems as if Sirius (the brightest star visible to us) approaches the Earth. To provide a bit of "cosmic perspective," Sirius is twice the size of our Sun and shines 25 times brighter!

This is the reason the Lions Gate Portal brings forth such an intense and powerful source of spiritual illumination accessible to you during this period. It's akin to a cosmic celebration that emphasizes soul embodiment, commemorates the abundance of life's blessings, achieves heightened spiritual knowledge, encourages growth, and celebrates manifesting and reaping the fruits of the season.

This means that the time around the 8-8 Lion's Gate is powerful to start manifesting!

Here are some ways to harness this energy:

Synchronize with your desires

The Lion’s Gate Portal is an auspicious time for manifestation, making it critical to harmonize your desires with your genuine ambitions. Devote time to delve deep within yourself, meditate, journal, and establish clear and potent intentions. Envision yourself embodying these intentions and experience the emotions associated with accomplishing them. The Universe responds to your vibrational energy, so be deliberate and precise.

Harness the potency of affirmations

Affirmations are potent seeds of wisdom we plant in our subconscious, shaping our reality word by word. Throughout this Lion’s Gate Portal, charge your affirmations with the vigor of the Leo lioness—bold, assured, and unapologetically mighty. Pronounce your affirmations with fervor and belief, letting their vibrational energy resonate throughout the cosmos. You are the architect of your destiny, and these affirmations will reinforce your inherent strength.

“I am fearless actualizing my dreams with tranquility and elegance.”

“I exude self-assuredness and magnetize abundance in every facet of my life.”

“I celebrate my unique talents and shine luminously, motivating others with my authenticity.”

Indulge in heartfelt gratitude

Gratitude is the paramount superpower, and during the Lion’s Gate Portal, it's time to amplify it even more. Each day, pause to express sincere gratitude for the blessings and teachings in your life. Regardless of their magnitude, each moment of gratitude uplifts your vibration and synchronizes you with the bountiful energy of the cosmos. Initiate a gratitude journal, and before you sleep, note down three things from the day for which you are grateful. As you acknowledge the beauty surrounding you, feel the warmth in your heart. Gratitude bolsters the manifestation process, so let your lioness heart resonate with thankfulness.

Engage in imaginative visualization

Leo's energy symbolizes self-expression and creativity. During the Lion’s Gate Portal, unlock your artistic side through creative visualization. Find a tranquil space, close your eyes, and envision your aspirations springing to life in vivid detail. Picture yourself evolving into the finest version of yourself and living the life you've always dreamed of. As you visualize, allow the thrill and excitement to permeate your energetic field. Have faith that the Universe is collaborating with you, and as you embrace your creativity, the manifestation of your desires becomes an unstoppable force.

Cultivate self-love and confidence

Confidence is the emblem of the Leo lioness, grounded on the bedrock of self-love. During this powerful cosmic window, shower yourself with the highest degree of care and respect. Rejoice in your achievements, irrespective of their size. Treat yourself with love, recognition, and kindness. Stand tall and take pride in your individuality—when you love and believe in yourself, the Universe reciprocates that love. Remember, you are deserving of all the prosperity and success that comes your way, so awaken your lioness spirit and roar with self-belief.

During this time, it is of utmost importance to synchronize with your true ambitions, charge your affirmations with Leo's vigor, engage in heartfelt gratitude, and unlock your creative visualization. Cultivating self-love and confidence is equally critical as we navigate this cosmic window. As we stand tall in our individuality and shower ourselves with love, the Universe mirrors that love back to us.

Remember, you are worthy of all the abundance and success that life has to offer, and the Lions Gate Portal is a favorable time to start manifesting. So, harness this powerful energy, awaken your lioness spirit, and let your roar of self-belief echo across the cosmos.

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