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The key to manifesting what we want is in our frequency and how we engage with the energy around us 

Empower Growth

People will often come to see me when they are ready to release discomfort and anxiety, create a life that is deeply meaningful, and become free of limitations.​  


Ten years working in the field of psychology and body-awareness has taught me that everyone has an inner strength, great potential, and a natural ability to grow and thrive.​ It's important to note that I am not a licensed therapist.  


Let’s explore your strengths and talents so that you create a life that is deliberate, and aligned with your values and heartfelt aspirations.   


Deep trauma, depression, and/or stress can cloud our thinking and drain our emotions. This might hold us back from living a life we deserve.   


During our time together you will learn new ways to cope and use strong tools to let go of hard memories from the past, experience shifts through reiki and/or other energy work and new skills that can help improve and in most cases decrease depression, stress, anxiety and panic. ​


Drea Saragoza

I am so incredibly grateful for every aspect of the Create a Shift Program with Jassy. Throughout the weeks, my willpower grew and I was able to try hard and uncomfortable things and start a new path. Through [all the tools] Jassy showed me how to really use my body and mind to heal myself and transform my mindset. It definitely wasn't easy, but it certainly was the greatest thing to happen to me. When I truly understood how to open myself to experiencing love and gratefulness, I began thriving.

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Sandra Lopez

100% recommend. I've been dealing with depression for years and I've noticed such a difference. After my first session with Jassy, I realized this was a vital tool I can add to my arsenal (antidepressants and talk therapy) in fighting my battle with depression. I feel as if I am able to be more mentally grounded which helps with dealing with depressive episodes when they arise. Can't wait for my next session!​

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Matt Polk

had my first Reiki experience with Jassy and it was excellent. I experienced a sort of recharge after our session and I'm looking forward to meeting with her again later this month.

I created this space for people to have a space to heal, learn and share our soul's purpose together. Everyone is welcome.

With Gratitude, 


Join the Book Club

This isn’t just any book club. We are diving deep into topics that can reshape our inner selves:


Spiritual Awakening: Connect with your higher self and new perspectives that will elevate your body, mind and soul.

Growing our Intuition: Strengthen your intuition and six sense with new tools and methods from the literature.

Personal Development: Tap in! And grow. Listen to that inner voice and make it stronger.


Mark Your Calendar: Every First Tuesday of Every OTHER Month at 4pm PT / 6pm CT / 7pm ET. Our inaugural meeting is on November 7th, and we can't wait for you to be a part of it, for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

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