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Give your pet the gift of tranquility

Reiki for your Companion

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Reiki for Animals

One of the wonderful aspects of the gentle, meditative approach of Reiki is that it can be shared with any animal, no matter their level of trust for humans. Reiki can help even the most traumatized animals relax and feel a strong sense of wellbeing. This is important in creating not only healing of body, mind and spirit, but also Reiki creates the first step in healing the animal/human relationship.

What to Expect

Pets in all stages of life can truly benefit from Reiki. A distant (or on site) Reiki session promotes a state of peace, relaxation and enhances the well-being for your pet. It may promote emotional bond between you and your companion.
Reiki supports a self-healing process, speeds healing after surgery or during an illness, it can also improve behavioral issues and lessen anxiety related problems.

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