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This crystal created by mother earth is passed through sage smoke and infused with reiki energy to bring you all the key elements this crystal can bring. 


While your crystal faerie does stand freely on their own, their base is only 1/2 inch thick. We recommend only standing these beauties up in an area that does not shake or by using a piece of sticky tack or mineral putty to secure it.

Clear Quartz Crystal works on all levels of being. It is considered a master healer and it is known to raise energy to the highest possible level, as it vibrates at the highest possible frequency. Quartz is also used for storing data. From computer chips to watches, Quartz is used every single day for this purpose. In addition to storing data, Quartz can also store intention and work with us to bring the energy we desire. You can attune it to promote the energy needed to meet your goals or intentions by an easy method of programming Quartz. It can be programmed and cleansed and programmed again to match our ever evolving spiritual needs. It will amplify the energy around it which makes it a great stone for crystal grids and to pair with other crystals. Clear Quartz can help clear all Chakras - especially the Crown Chakra.

Quartz Faerie Crystal Cluster » Dreamy Quartz Crystal Faerie » Brazilian Quartz

SKU: 125
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