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Living by the Cycles: Spring is Upon Us

I love to follow the cycles of the season and live life according to them. As we come out of the winter cycle, a season of rest, reset, and standing still we start to feel refreshed and ready for new beginnings. 

The season is beyond what the weather is like, it affects our soul and how we move through the world. 

We recognize spring as: 

  • Lightness

  • Renewed personal energy

  • Excitement

  • Bursting with new ideas

  • Setting goals and finding direction

  • Being inspired to be creative

During spring, we explore, plan, and redefine ourselves. When our vibes are high it shows up as excitement, birth, adventure, expression and exploration. When our vibes are low it shows up as overthinking, over analytical, fear of growth, blocked, inhibited. 

To make the most of spring, elevate your thoughts, this is the tipping point of Spring. When we do, we feel happier and more creative. This positivity helps us see our lives clearly and realize it's time to move into a new phase.

For us to clear the way, for our desires we must unsubscribe from our outdated beliefs.

Spring is a time when our creative spirits awaken, fueled by keen observation, mindful rituals, and heightened awareness. This combination, along with our physical and mental focus, nurtures both our inner and outer growth, propelling us forward with momentum. However, if we're not careful, we might find ourselves trapped in our thoughts, hindering the flow of creativity and blocking our ability to receive intuitive guidance.

It's essential to pamper yourself daily, nurturing your vision, dreams, and desires, and reminding yourself of their incredible potential. Take time to tend to your inner self, cultivating a sense of harmony and balance.

On a physical level, spring fills us with excitement. Allow the thrill of brewing ideas to awaken every cell in your body. Mentally, continue refining your thought patterns, letting go of those that no longer serve you. Pay attention to your feelings and vibrations, as they indicate the kind of thoughts you're having. Emotionally, aligning with your core essence makes you more receptive to your energy and intuition, helping you discern opportunities as they arise.

Spiritually, engage in practices that resonate with your soul, whether it's mindfulness, meditation, or other forms of spiritual connection. These tools deepen your relationship with yourself and provide a sturdy framework for navigating the path ahead. Here, you tap into the universe's creativity and guidance, transforming insights and higher knowledge into practical and applicable solutions.

Take the last few weeks of winter to rest and get ready to Surrender. Believe in yourself. Go with the flow. Love yourself. 

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