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🌙 New Moon Gathering in Virgo 🌙

Bring focus and intention into your life

  • Starts Sep 3
  • 10 US dollars
  • Online

Available spots

Service Description

Set Intentions: The New Moon is an opportune time to set intentions for the upcoming lunar cycle, fostering clarity and focus towards personal goals and desires. Manifestation: By aligning with the energy of the New Moon, individuals can enhance their manifestation practices, utilizing the circle's collective energy to amplify intentions and desires. Connection: Engaging in a New Moon Circle fosters a sense of community and connection with like-minded individuals, providing support and encouragement in one's journey of self-discovery and growth. Reflection: The circle offers a space for reflection and introspection, allowing participants to explore their emotions, experiences, and spiritual insights in a supportive environment. Ritual and Ceremony: Incorporating rituals and ceremonies into the circle enhances the experience, deepening the connection to the lunar cycle and one's spiritual practice. What to Expect: ✨ Meditation Magic: Commence the evening with a guided meditation, allowing us to connect with the ethereal energy of the Pisces New Moon. Center yourself, embrace tranquility, and open your spirit to the possibilities ahead. 📝 Journaling Journey: Engage in soulful journaling as we explore Pisces' intuitive waters. Reflect on dreams, aspirations, and the wisdom within. Unearth the depths of your soul through thoughtful prompts and self-discovery. 🌊 Amplifying Intuition Ceremony: Immerse yourself in a special ceremony dedicated to amplifying intuition. Harness the energy of the Pisces New Moon to enhance your intuitive gifts and connect with your inner guidance. 🌟 Setting Intentions: Conclude the evening by setting powerful intentions for the lunar cycle ahead. Share your dreams with the group, fostering a sense of community and collective support. Whether you're a seasoned mystic or new to lunar rituals, this gathering welcomes all seekers of cosmic wisdom. Let's harmonize our energies, amplify our intuition, and set intentions under the enchanting influence of the Pisces New Moon. RSVP to secure your spot, and let's embark on this celestial journey together! 🌌🌟

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation & Refund Policy All services offered are scheduled in advance and are a time reserved exclusively for our clients. When a session or class is cancelled by the client without adequate notice, we are unable to fill this time slot by offering it to somebody else. Because of this the full session or class fee will be charged when you miss or cancel an appointment without giving at least 48 hours advance notice. For cancellations made more than 48 hours prior to the session, the fee paid can be used for a future appointment.

Contact Details


Crysta Luna, Mobil Avenue, Camarillo, CA, USA

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