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Master your Boundaries - 10 Week LIVE

Boost your confidence by mastering your boundaries

  • Starts Mar 1
  • 122 US dollars
  • Zoom

Service Description

If you are coming in mid way through or after the class is over, you will receive the recordings and you'll receive 2 coaching calls (week 4 and week 8 from the time you start). If you want to fully step into your sacred purpose, you need to learn how to speak your truth and set healthy boundaries to avoid burnout and resentment that comes with over-giving. My wish for you is to trust yourself, value your own worthiness, and have deep, respectful relationships where you feel seen and honored for who you are. Join me for a new way of integrating your empathic gifts. I'll teach you how to energize your gifts, gain clarity and support while maintaining your sovereignty, develop confidence to declare your true feelings, overcome fear, ground yourself, protect yourself, and create energetic boundaries for the physical and spiritual world. Discover your Personal Truth Before you can fully step into your power, you need to connect with your personal truth. Through this process, you'll learn to listen to your intuition, trust your body, and claim your sovereignty. You'll gain the clarity and confidence to prioritize your own needs while still serving others in a meaningful way. Harness Your Energy It's time to let go of people-pleasing tendencies and learn how to set healthy boundaries. You'll gain the skills to detox your circle of family and friends, say no when needed, and cultivate the energy that fuels your gifts. Words of Power Effective communication is key to building deep, meaningful relationships. You'll learn practical skills for navigating relationships with direct, compassionate, and assertive communication. By valuing your own worthiness and expressing your true feelings, you'll create more intimacy and connection with those around you. Conquer Your Fears Fear can be a major obstacle to unleashing your true potential. Through this process, you'll work to overcome past pain and heal from the fears that drain your energy and keep you stuck. You'll learn to handle the fear of fitting in with your newfound gifts, overcome the tendency to dim your light, and embrace your sacred purpose with confidence and courage. Step into your Power Continuously doing the inner work and filling up our energy with our own allows us to step into our own power! Understand what is your self confidence vs. ego

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Cancellation Policy

Cancellation & Refund Policy All services offered are scheduled in advance and are a time reserved exclusively for our clients. When a session or class is cancelled by the client without adequate notice, we are unable to fill this time slot by offering it to somebody else. Because of this the full session or class fee will be charged when you miss or cancel an appointment without giving at least 48 hours advance notice. For cancellations made more than 48 hours prior to the session, the fee paid can be used for a future appointment.

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Crysta Luna, Mobil Avenue, Camarillo, CA, USA

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