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Luna Light is a group of individuals that are opening up their gifts, healing on their own path & learning/growing exponentially with new modalities.


Luna is part of my business name because to me it means Light, Unity, Namaste (the light in you sees the light in me), and authenticity. And it feels right to call the space and time that we are creating together Luna too, with a little light since we are all sharing our own magick and light with each other.


As a member of the group you will have the option to receive reiki, practice reiki (if you have been attuned), discuss different modalities including but not limited to spirituality, hypnosis, reiki, yoga, qi gong, witch craft, manifestation and more...


We tell our stories and discuss the modalities that we have been learning or incorporating into our lives.


We support each other, teach each other and listen to each other.


We meet on the 2nd Tuesday of every Month

for 1.5 - 2 hours.


What happens during this time?


  • We start with centering and grounding

  • We then ask if anyone wants to receive reiki

  • Everyone that is attuned practices on the individual that wants to receive reiki

  • We talk about the experiences in between and any questions or topics that naturally come up

  • We then share our experiences or journey and ask questions or if no one has anything to share Jassy will teach a new concept


Who can join?


  • Patreon Members (all tiers) and Crysta Luna Reiki Students are automatically invited - no fee


  • You must be invited by a member of the group - one time fee of $99


Luna Light One Time Fee

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