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What many are saying... 

Working with Jassy was such a blessing! Her opening prayer made me feel so grounded and protected. This feeling of safety allowed me to open up and receive on a much deeper level. I approached this session thinking I knew what I needed, but the Universe and Jassy had something for me that was far beyond what I expected. Thank you Jassy, for your beautiful gifts and light you bring into this world! ::air hugs::

Highly Recommended! Jassy is a beautiful soul who is dedicated to helping others. Her Reiki Sessions, both in person and via Zoom, have left me refreshed and zoned-in to the intention set for each session. I received a Human Design reading, which continues to teach me about myself, as I have revisited it. Her Breathwork Sessions have allowed me to release unexpected emotions. Jassy uses all of her experience and various techniques; and truly tailors each one-on-one session to the individual.

Ive been seeing Jassy since March 2022 and it has been life changing. I was going through so much when I booked my first reiki session. I instantly became obsessed and wanted to learn/experience more, I booked 2 more sessions. She is such a beautiful person. She is caring, kind, COMFORTING and knowledgeable. Ive learned and grown so much since i started this journey and so grateful to have found Jassy. Its an instant emotional, mental and physical reset. I highly recommend Jassy. Jassy, thank you for being YOU. Cant wait for my next reiki session!

Jassy is magic! Her energy is pure and in light. She is a loving soul who love what she does and that is reflected on her work. I have done many workshop with her and trust me when I say that it works. Again, she is magic!
I highly recommend her. Love her so!

I had the honor of visiting Jassy at her place of business and let me tell you I felt the good energy immediately! Her establishment is as beautiful as her personality!

I had an incredible mediation with Jassy that allowed me to ground more into myself and where I am at presently. This session happened a couple weeks ago and I’m seeing major shifts from this session. We spoke about a few things that came up and jassy was spot on with sensing how I was feeling during the meditation. I truly enjoyed it and would recommend for anyone looking for a great guide to hold space in meditation!

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