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Mama Quilla

Mandala of the Moon

When we are very focused on something that we want to have happen, we can become impatient and try to control the process. We may logically assume which steps should come next, and if that fails to fall into place as we expected it would, we make further incorrect assumptions - such as believing that, if our plan has not worked out according to our current expectations, then that somehow must mean that it won't work out at all.

Mama Quilla – Mandala of the Moon

I, the Lunar Mother, bring you my Mandala of the Moon to manifest through the law of magnetic attraction. My mandala is the sacred portal through which your dreams, intentions, and visions shall pass into the wholeness of being, from the realm of inspiration into the world of form on earth. There is no need for doubt or concern, for even the appearance of delay signifies that the divine feminine mystery is at work, with timing unfolding according to a higher, loving wisdom. Trust that which is falling away is meant to be, while you have faith in new divine works being born.

This oracle brings a sign that creative works will reach fulfillment. Relax with trust and positive expectations that all your needs will be met. This makes it easier for abundance to flow and all earthly and spiritual matters to fall into place according to a great and loving higher intelligence. Things are changing, even if you cannot see the physical evidence of this as yet. Trust that your actions are leading you into a better way of life. Rely on the Universe, and you shall see how all things come together according to a timing and a higher order that suits you, in ways even better than you could have imagined by yourself.

The Lunar mother is telling your soul that she knows of your intent. She is saying that you are permitted by the Divine to create what it is that you want to bring to life upon the earth, but that there are cycles of creation that must be honored. She reminds you to trust in teh sacred feminine wisdom expressed in the idea that it is darkest before dawn. This wisdom is symbolically enacted in the natural world, whereby an ending and the uncertainty that can accompany it (the night) must fall, before the new cycle of creation (the day) can begin.

Earth Warriors Oracle by Alana Fairchild, art by Isabel Brynna

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