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Find your calling



$165-$180 per session 

$50 off per session when purchasing 10 or more sessions ($130/ session)

A Bit About Me

Jassy Jackson empowers individuals to realign with who they truly are by leveraging her Masters in Organizational Psychology, her extensive experience as an executive leader in tech and her years as a reiki practitioner.


Her holistic teaching approach brings together a healthy mix of shamanic rituals and traditional psychology, catered to each individual’s needs while creating a safe space for transformation, healing and creation of new pathways in the human experience.

Book Your Spot

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

What to Expect

When you enroll in this program you get the following: 


A deeper knowing of who you are — 


We will use a variety of different tools and methods to get to the core of who you really are, we will sift through the noise and focus on YOU. Each session in the first month will create a deeper knowing. 


Weekly guidance for 12 weeks — when you buy the package


You will receive a weekly call to work with me on the 4th week we will do a Core Transformation, reiki session or another modality that suits your needs to address objections, or anything you need. 


An Opportunity to Shift your Energy — 


In this program I will teach you how to release the self talk that is holding you back, the self doubt, and / or anything that keeps you from moving forward. 


Tailored Sessions — 


Unlike our group calls, this is a 1 on 1 opportunity because each session is tailored, the tools we use in the session are specifically picked for you based on your needs and your journey. 


First Access to Events — 


You will have early access to all events such as Breathwork, circles, and more. 


A Blueprint with 3 options for a new path — 


Within the program we will be working towards your paths and you will create 3 paths to explore. 




Additional support sessions — 


After the 12 weeks are up you will have access to schedule additional time for guidance, reiki sessions, etc. 


Access to my recorded meditations and previous Breathwork sessions — 


I have several tools that will boost and enhance your experience in the workshop. 

or email me your questions:
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